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Message from Managing Partner

Dear Valuable Clients,

First of all, let me express, from the bottom of my heart, my sincerest thanks to all of you – our past, current and future Clients, without whom we would not exist and have gained so many achievements and milestones.

Almost 20 years ago, we started from scratch in building a law firm intended for assisting foreign investors doing business in Vietnam. By that time, we had nothing but the passion, determination, optimism and, above all, the strong will of facilitating foreign investors, who come with funds, intelligence and friendship to join our Vietnamese in rehabilitating, rebuilding and developing a country exhausted and devastated after decades of war.

By the time of our onset, Vietnam was just in the early years of integration, when all of its conditions, from legal framework to practice, from paperwork to working manners of authorities, etc., were really uninviting to foreign investors. Meanwhile, it was not easy to find in Vietnam a consulting or law firm professional and qualified enough for aliens to rely on. Determined to be a trusted guide to foreign investors, with an inquiring mind and enterprising spirit, we have untiringly striven everyday to overcome difficulties and challenges. Today, I can be proud to say that we have not fallen short of our Dear Clients’ expectations, as we have served THOUSANDS of international companies, including leading retail / real estate / energy / electronics / telecommunication / information technology… groups from South Korea, Japan, Thailand, France, and so on, to set up and maintain their businesses in Vietnam, to get optimal solutions for even the hardest legal problems that they might face with their business in Vietnam, as well as to get approvals for many projects that are unprecedented in Vietnam.

Of course, we are not a non-profit organization and we are also working for our own benefits. However, it is the patriotism and the sense of responsibility to the society that are the most important motives that keep us strive and it is the interests of our Clients that we aim at in all of our acts.

Once again, please accept my heartfelt gratitude to you, the Great Clients who have put your trust in us, which is inspiring and making us try to better ourselves every second.


Signature managing partner

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