Our Services

Our Services

DENCO LAW FIRM provides comprehensive legal advisory and assistance services with a view to meeting our clients' objectives and expectations, through practical solutions based on our practice values of integrity, reliability and personal attention.

  • Studying and giving legal opinions

  • Working towards the best interests of clients, our lawyers and consultants always strive tirelessly and maintain a serious attitude in studying every matter in order to provide the most in-depth and useful advices and opinions to our clients.

    Every matter, even a simple one, will be scrutinized and analyzed in a cautious and meticulous manner amongst the persons in charge, or even referred to opinions of outside experts, if necessary. In the meantime, we would approach a case not only from its legal aspect, but also taking into account the practical conditions of the client, the priorities, considerations and sensitivities of the social and economic environment of Vietnam. Thanks to that, our clients may always totally rely on and benefit from our advices and opinions.

  • Performing paperwork and procedures

  • Deeply understanding that fulfilling the burdensome procedures and the paperwork in connection therewith as required by the law of Vietnam is not an easy task, especially to investors from foreign countries, we are always willing to undertake the entire paperwork and procedures of any case, which saves a lot of time and efforts of our clients, as what they need to do is just to provide information, and check, execute documents as reasonably requested by us.

  • Dealing with governmental authorities

  • In this regards, we would represent and/or join our clients in the dealings with the relevant governmental authorities, while advising them on the best ways to set up contacts, approach and deal with the authorities from time to time.

    We are experienced in the full range of regulatory and licensing requirements affecting our foreign clients' investment, trade, and other businesses in Vietnam. Our years of experience, our thorough understanding of the governmental processes and our contacts with decision-makers in the various ministries and governmental agencies can facilitate the most difficult projects. We are, therefore, confident that our clients will be benefited from our numerous contacts and familiarity with governmental authorities.

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